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Sage 50 Pastel Partner:

Sage 50 Pastel Partner: Core accounting software that suits small to medium-sized businesses


Sage 50 Pastel Partner is the ideal business solution, giving you the ability to effectively manage your money and your business. After all, accounting isn’t only about getting the numbers right, it’s also about what you can do with those numbers. With Sage 50 Pastel Partner in the equation, you’ll go beyond accounting.

The combination of ease-of-use, innovation, and flexibility makes Sage 50 Pastel Partner the perfect accounting software solution for small and medium-sized businesses. Suited to a multi-user and multi-company environment, this rapid processing business accounting application has been the mainstay of South African business for over 20 years. Various modules can be added to Sage 50 Pastel Partner, so that as your business grows, so too does your financial accounting package!

Sage Online Tools

Use Sage Online Tools to maximize exposure to your web and mobile sites, interact via online social networks, and do mobile and email marketing.

Mobile marketing, with tracking and unique marketing features.

Our integrated mobile marketing feature enables you to send targeted marketing messages directly to the mobile phones of your customers or prospects.

Sage 50 Pastel Xpress

Sage 50 Pastel Xpress: An intuitive accounting software solution for small businesses

An intuitive accounting software solution large or small business’s needs. Through the automation of common business processes, Sage 50 Pastel Xpress accounting software makes the management of these business accounting needs just as simple!

Any company, large or small, has basic accounting needs. Through the automation of common business processes, Sage 50 Pastel Xpress accounting software makes the management of these business accounting needs just as simple!

Sage 50 Pastel Xpress is so easy to learn and use, allowing you to confidently steer your business’ finances. You have the flexibility to add modules to this financial software, making Sage 50 Pastel Xpress a partner that can increase its functionality in line with the growth of your business. Sage 50 Pastel Xpress can accommodate up to three users (Sage Pastel Xpress Start-Up is single user software).

Sage Pastel Evolution Standard

Get back to basics with smart, cost-effective software for big businesses. Sage Evolution Standard.

Revolutionise the way you do business with Sage Evolution Standard. Sage Evolution Standard delivers an entirely new dimension in business management software, taking your business way beyond the traditional realms of accounting software.

By bringing all the aspects of your operating environment together, Sage Evolution Standard is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system that gives you the ability to control your financial situation as well as your relationships with your customers, suppliers and employees. The comprehensive range of features and functionality of this ERP software package, complemented with a number of add-on modules, provides scalable, flexible, and robust financial management of your growing business.

Sage One Accounting

The complete business software solution for start-up and small businesses

Sage One Accounting is the perfect way to start computerising your start-up or small business’ financials. It’s simple and easy to use and you don’t have to be an accountant to understand the functionality.

Sage One Accounting is designed specifically for businesses that are starting up. It’s user-friendly and lets you prepare your accounts and statements quickly and easily.

You can make the most of your time by focusing on making sales and running your business. With the functionality of the Sage One Accounting dashboard, at just a glance, you have critical information instantly available, like who owes you money. You are able to track item quantities, costs and purchases, and effectively manage your bank accounts, credit cards, and general company expenses

Pastel Irontree

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